Hustle Blueprint: Get Your Mind Right & Learn How to Make 3k Per Month

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Hustle Blueprint: Get Your Mind Right & Learn How to Make 3k Per Month

Dylan Madden
12 ratings

You are getting my 65-page book Think and Go Hustle ($19)

Where you will learn how to reinvent yourself, master your mind, and direct your focus. It's all built around real-life lessons which build upon each other.

No fluff or motivational BS

And you are getting my book How to Make Your First 3k flipping ($30)

Where I layout step by step how to make your first 3k without having a job. All you need is your cellphone to get started.

You will LEARN how to flip everyday products on Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace.

You are getting my guide to earning money online ($10)

In today's world earning money online is popular. Few know how to do it outside of following hyped up trends.

So, in this guide, you will learn an actual skill. Specifically how to pick the best skill for you to ensure you earn a living from the internet.

Giving you the ability to earn money from anywhere in the world from your laptop.


You can't just find another "method of making money". Your MINDSET is what creates your lifestyle to a large extent.

You'll fail if you don't combine the right mindset with the right method.

So I'm giving you my blueprint for flipping products along with my best selling book Think and Go Hustle.

As a bonus, you're also getting my Freelancing handbook - your guide to 5 figures each month from a simple skill.

I will see you inside.

Together, these books are $59, you get them for $28.

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