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Craigslist Profit Accelerator

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Discover The $2,000+ Per Month Strategy I’m Using On Craigslist + Get My 65- Page Book Think and Go Hustle

Gone are the days of worrying about making ends meet. With this program you will get the exact plan I've used to generate thousands of dollars and more importantly, students of mine have done the same.

Why am I so confident of it?

I'm so confident because....

  • I've seen people with zero sales experience implement my strategy and make $800 in their first week.
  • I've seen people without a car or job use what you'll learn to get paid
  • And finally I've seen people who work 40 hours a week bring in an extra $250 a week from only a few hours of work

What if You Don't like Selling?

If you don't like selling then you need to get over it. With Craigslist Money you've got a blueprint which will bring you thousands of dollars.

You'll go from A-Z in a straight line.

What You Need for This Course?

All you need to get paid is...

  • A cellphone (mandatory)
  • A computer (optional)
  • A vehicle or friends vehicle (mandatory)

How To Find Products To Sell

Do you want to know the biggest mistake I see rookies make when they try to sell things online? Good… I’ll tell you right now…

They never find the best products to sell!

Rookies often focus on what THEY think is cool… what THEY think will sell…

Well, I’m here to tell you… the methods the rookies are using just isn’t going to work.

You have to focus on what your local market wants to buy… it sounds silly to even say this, but you won’t be laughing when you catch yourself doing it… You’ll think, “Dylan told me this would happen!”

In fact, I’ll have you making your small investment in this course back within a VERY short amount of time.

Testimonial 1:

Hey Dylan just wanted to let you know I started your course last night. Posted my first ad after going through it. Today I made my first sale already! Thanks so much brother!

How To Properly Price Your Products To Make Sure They Sell

By infiltrating Facebook groups, you’ll discover the exact things that are selling and (more importantly) those that aren’t…

First and foremost, you want to learn how to make money, right? Of course… but, you also want to focus on not LOSING money as well. This keeps your new side hustle afloat.

Facebook groups give you a great vision into the consumer’s mind… consumers who will buy what you are selling… and I’m going to show you how I use Facebook to profit from these people.

You will no longer have to GUESS which product will sell… the consumer is already telling you what they want, you just have to know what to look for.

The Best Way To Write Ads: My Speed Kills Method

Writing the ads for Craigslist can be a bit daunting, can’t it? You see numerous methods… bold, caps, screaming, shouting, exclamations, etc… which one is right?

I’ll show you, by allowing you to watch me type, live on screen, as I create an ad. This is the exact way I sell everything on Craigslist and you’ll see every single keyboard stroke as I type it out.

This couldn’t get any easier for you to learn, you’ll be “looking over my shoulder” as I create an ad right in front of your eyes.

No… you don’t have to know fancy “sales psychology”...

No… you don’t need to be a “copywriter”...

No… you don’t need any writing experience at all….

All you need is the ability to pay attention to the video on how to write an ad… you can do that, can’t you? Good, I knew you could.

How To Leverage Other People’s Time

Picture this: you’re sitting at work, getting your regular hourly pay… but you are grinning in your mind… But, why? Because you know you are making money from Craigslist on the side, as you work your regular 9-5.

Wouldn’t that be nice? Yes? Then read on…

Once you’ve learned the basics, I will show you my more advanced tactics… In fact… I want to show you how to turn your cellphone into your personal ATM.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “make money without doing anything!” your brain automatically screams WARNING WARNING WARNING! Doesn’t it?

Well, try and put that belief on hold for one second as you read the following message… I’ve found a way to make this possible with Craigslist and I want you to see exactly how I leverage other people’s time to make myself money by doing basically nothing.

This method involves Facebook groups and ZERO Facebook ads, so you aren’t paying anything at all.

Once you’ve got access to the course, you can find this information in the “Advanced Craigslist Tactics” section.

I could go on and on about the amazing results this method has given me. But there are much better things to talk about.


What you can expect from this program?

Because you’ll be amazed once you experience these life-changing results for yourself.

This program is giving people the freedom they’ve always desired, simply by selling things that are right in front of their eyes.

And with the advanced tactics I’ve provided you in the third module, you can even begin to automate this process so you do a minimum amount of work at all to bring in money.

Now, I do realize, this sounds too good to be true… and I would think the same thing if I was the one reading this… so let me show you what others have had to say…

Just 4 hours of work and $200? That’s $50 per hour… not too bad at all!

Here’s another one for you…

How smart is that? He plans on quickly increasing his money he made by reinvesting it back in the process… that’s a great idea…

It takes time to figure out if this is a worthy investment or not, I completely understand that.

Just one, easy-to-use method is all it takes to start making extra money every single month.

There’s no describing the feeling you’ll get when you get that first payment and realize the possibilities that are ahead of you… I’m so excited for you to feel that feeling.

So, are you ready to finally pick up the bill at dinner?

Are you ready to take your spouse out for a fancy drink at that bar you guys always stare inside as you walk past?

Are you ready to have the reassurance to buy something without having to check your bank account first?

It’s simple:

Just go through all of the videos included in this program and apply these methods for two, short weeks… and if you don’t get the investment back you put into buying this course in 14 days…

...let me know and I will refund your entire investment, no questions asked.

Now, there’s one last thing:

This program is becoming popular…

I expect to see even more “copycat” programs popping up as people discover the true ease and power of all of this… just like any other popular ways to make money…

And when people start to make money in a very easy way… you know what happens next… they tell EVERYONE!

With that being said… I expect this market to be flooded by the end of 2020!

In fact, I can’t even guarantee it will be as easy at is is now in the next few months... so you have zero time to wait.

Sounds like a win-win to me, how about you? I thought so…

Now is your chance to start enjoying a little more freedom in your life.

Now is your chance to feel proud when you look at your bank account, not nauseous.

That’s what I want to help you achieve in life.

After your purchase email me for access to our private group.

Bonus #1: Craigslist Profit Booklet

A handy “reference guide” to everything you’ll learn in the course

A step-by-step “business model” of how to flip everyday items for cash (page 2)

Do you need a Uhaul or truck for this? (Answer: not always!)

Where you can store your items (the free methods I use)

Learn how your phone can help you find places to buy items (and become a free personal assistant!)

Everything you’ll need to get started on Craigslist (page 3)

Should you accept anything other than cash as payment? (Answered: page 5)

My secret places I find products to sell (I don’t even tell my friends about these places)

Are garage sales really worth it? (I say YES)

Which things should you be trying to buy (Antiques, memorabilia, furniture.. Which is best?)

How to maximize your profits once you’re making good money (revealed on page 8)

Should you EVER buy things on credit? (See my answer on page 10)

Bonus #2: Think and Go Hustle Book

Ed Latimore says,

How to stop letting others control you through labels (page 23)

Learn the mentality that will separate you from your competition (a hustler’s mentality will see opportunities everywhere!)

Discover how hustler’s use meditation to force themselves into a “growth” mindset (7 steps, found on page 40)

Read my story from only having $142 to my name… and crawling my way out of being broke (You’ll find everything you need inside)

The step-by-step “life script” plan to change your entire world around (detailed on page 28)

How to turn your life into a personal video game (and become a master at winning the game)

Discover what the current system is giving you and how you can change that (page 21 will help you move away from being comfortable with debt)

How to make the proper decisions that will change your life (you must reach out and grab your goals by the throat)

What to remove from your life which holds your personal growth back (see the entire list I recommend on page 35)

Teach yourself to become your own savior (no more relying on others to help you)

If you want to start making extra money TODAY… and get both of these incredible bonuses...

I think we both know what you need to do…

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Get INSTANT Access to my course + a bonus book

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Craigslist Profit Accelerator

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